We want to make your use of our space a pleasant experience, therefore, we have rules in place to ensure everyone has that experience. 


Below are the rules and regulations that the Person leasing a storage space (hereafter “Occupant”) from U-Stor-N-Lock (hereafter “Owner”) are required to take note of and follow:


·         Your rent is due each month on or before the date stated. A Late Fee will be imposed if the rent is later than five (5) days. On the (sixth) 6th day, access will be denied to the facility, and your unit will be locked out.

·         The Storage Facility is open from Dawn to Dusk.  If you must access the storage facility after Dusk, please contact the Owner.

·         Occupants are strongly encouraged to obtain and maintain Insurance for their stored personal property.

·         The storage units do not have interior lighting.  Occupants are responsible for providing their own lighting.

·         Speed Limit on U-Stor-N-Lock ground is (five) 5 MPH

·         Occupants may only use 1 (one) lock per storage unit.

·         No assigning or subleasing unit by Occupant.

·         The storage of automobiles and/or any other vehicle MUST have prior approval from the Owner.

·         Smaller motorized vehicles such as: motorcycles, ATV, UTV, E-bike, must have the battery disconnected and the fuel compartment empty as a safety precaution.

·         Below is a list of items NOT approved to be held in storage:

o   Anything that is stolen. Premises may not be used for any unlawful purposes.

o   Explosives, ammunition, or dangerous chemicals.

o   Flammable items, (see fuel compartment above)

o   Used Tires

o   Perishable Food Items

o   Anything Alive (i.e.: plants, animals)

o   Anything that leaks or makes noise

o   Sleeping

o   Repairs on items stored (i.e.: sanding, grinding, painting, reconditioning, or repairing)

o   Hazardous Chemicals or Waste

o   Sales without prior permission from Owner

o   Loitering